Ashlee White | First Date!
Ashlee White is a fun, fashion loving, WWE super fan, with a sense of humor and a lot to say. She’s also a stroke survivor, Lupus fighter, and starred on BravoTV’s Princesses; Long Island.
Ashlee White, stroke survivor, Lupus fighter, fashion loving, Princesses Long Island, BravoTV’s
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First Date!

16 Oct First Date!

This blog post is kind of like our first date. Except this ‘first date’ I’m in sweats, no make-up, hair in a pony but, I am wearing heels! After Princesses; Long Island people always ask about my family, my health, beauty, fashion, and if I’ve found ‘the one’. This is exactly what you are going to find here… fashion, beauty, philanthropy, dating and all of my crazy adventures. Buckle up, get the tissues, and get the inhaler because you are in for a very fun, funny, ride! So, how about a second date?