Ashlee White | The best holiday gift
Ashlee White is a fun, fashion loving, WWE super fan, with a sense of humor and a lot to say. She’s also a stroke survivor, Lupus fighter, and starred on BravoTV’s Princesses; Long Island.
Ashlee White, stroke survivor, Lupus fighter, fashion loving, Princesses Long Island, BravoTV’s
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The best holiday gift

17 Dec The best holiday gift

Back pain?… NO MORE! I have the perfect holiday gift for you!! The past 3 weeks I’ve been using Naipo Care back massager (Limited Edition XMAS design) and now I don’t have back pain. I love that there is a heat option, an option to switch direction of the shiatsu massage (it helps to get all areas of my back), and that you can order the massager on Amazon! Happy Holidays from me with 20% off using my code: NAIPOMAS . Don’t forget to click on the limited holiday edition XMAS design like I’m using.